2021 Q4
Poseidon Core Team Build
Project Initiation Product Utility Design
Findora Ecology's First Privacy Lending V1.0 Dev
2022 Q2
Bridge Integration to Ethereum
DAO Governance Model Release
Link stablecoins or popular coins or Ecocoin lending
2022 Q4
Enrich the Cross-chain Assets & Brand IP
Bridge Integration to BSC and Polygon
Poseidon officially launched for world premiere
2023 Q1
Cross-chain asset lending privacy interaction
Expand the stable interest rate lending market
Poseidon and Yellow Submarine Interactively Integrate Privacy Deposits and Loans
2023 Q3
Findora DeFi Labs Incubate lending Supply Protocols
NFT Lending Finance and Derivatives
Create ZKP DID Privacy Financial Passport
Web3.0 Equity Regression
Poseidon DAO Community Foundation
Increase enterprise platform-level lending