Rialto Bridge

What is a Blockchain Bridge?
A blockchain bridge (aka cross-chain bridge) lets two or more blockchains communicate with one another, which allows users to send and receive tokens from one chain to another without having to trust a central intermediary. Before trustless bridges, users had to rely on centralized exchanges to facilitate the transfer, which could cost as high as 10% of the value of the transaction and required users to give exchanges custodianship of the private keys holding their assets.
A cross-chain bridge depends on liquidity to operate, which means there needs to be a sufficient amount of tokens on either side of the bridge in order to cross it. Cross-chain bridges can either connect a layer-1 blockchain to another layer-1 blockchain network, or connect a layer-1 blockchain to a layer-2 blockchain network.

What is Rialto Bridge?

Rialto is a multidirectional bridge that connects many different ecosystems to Findora as a liquidity hub for privacy.
This could be a token that is locked on Chain A and redeemed on Chain B, or an operation that is executed on a destination chain and initiated on the source chain.
Rialto Bridge allows users to convert their tokens from different ecosystems into private tokens, where all transactions are private-by-default. This means ETH becomes pETH (poseidonETH), USDT becomes pUSDT, FRA becomes pFRA, and so on. You can use these private tokens to trade on FairySwap, or simply convert them back to their original version whenever you like.

Available Bridges

Supported networks include: BSC,ETH,Polygon,Fantom. Avalanche is Coming soon.


For step-by-step instructions on bridging assets, check out these tutorials:
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